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Frequently Asked Questions


What is and how will benefit us? is a customized online apparel and merchandise store that makes the process of uniformity and branding easy for leaders to execute by allowing your employees to individually purchase their items instead of having to place orders through another person. The store is built and designed just for you and your business! The platform also offers fundraising tools as well as an e-certificate program to help recognize hard work within your team. All YOU have to do is launch it! We do the rest! 


What do I have to do?

The best way to get moving is to fill submit a Requestor Store. This will give you a great idea of the products we currently offer and it might even spark new ideas for other items you may want to request for inclusion in your organization's store.

Another way to get the ball rolling is by submitting an Information Request Form. This form will ask you all the basic information we need so we're ready with the answers you are looking for. 

Finally, just fill out our Request A Call form and we'll be in touch and ready to listen! 


What are the initial costs?

$130 – This will cover the cost of setting up the store and getting the artwork ready for production. Best of all, it’s a ONE-TIME fee! (Note: If/when your design changes, our current hourly art fee is $30.)

If $130 is out of your budget right now, that’s okay. We can take $50 to get started and utilize the fundraising feature to collect the remaining $80.


How does fundraising work?

It’s easy! We can add any fundraising amount that you specify to any of our products’ base prices. We’ll send you the check within 4 weeks after the store closes.


Is there a minimum number of purchases that must be made?

Screen-printed items (e.g. t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, etc.) require a minimum of 12 garments for single-color prints and 24 for multi-color prints. Note that there are also some laser printed items that may require minimum purchases.


Any tips for meeting minimum purchases?


  1. 43% of our customers have opened their online stores at least twice in the last 7 months. This indicates that seasonal changes may play a factor in their decision on when to reopen their stores. 

  2. Seek feedback from your team. Do they need something? Are their uniforms in presentable condition?

  3. Is there a special event coming up like seasonal promotions, holidays, new marketing campaigns, etc? Get your store open at least 1 1/2 months prior to the event. 


We get new employees all the time, how do we plan for this?

We are able to take bulk screen printing orders any time during the year, but we require a minimum of 12 to 24 items to do this due to the cost of production. The company may also consider purchasing a few extra required items in each size as a “welcome gift” for new employees (This option may avoid having to purchase 12+ items in future bulk orders.). We also have the option to open a Year Round Store where your employees can shop for embroidered items, name tags, and so much more at any point throughout the year! 


How do e-certificates work? 

E-certificates work like gift cards. You can purchase them here. They are used as gifts or for rewarding hard work. The code can only be used in the store that is open at the time of purchase.  E-certificates are non-refundable.


What is your return/refund policy?

The purchaser has 10 business days from the day of shipping/pick-up to contact us with any discrepancies.